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Re: need help for DSDT for an Epox Amd64 MB

JoaoBR wrote:
I have some Epox socket 939 motherboards, nvidia3 with AMD Athlon 64 and some X2 They give me a very good performance but sporadic reboots without core dumps or any other advices so I guess there is some sudden irq conflict or so

I get nothing usefull by vmstat. I mount the same Nics, adaptec, mem and processor on an Asus A8V and it runs wothout any problem stable.

btw I am running releng_6

If disabling acpi doesn't solve the problem, then it's probably not acpi.

I downloaded the acpi table and iasl shows me this

epox.asl  2575:                 Name (_HID, "_NVRAIDBUS")
Error    1068 -   String must be entirely alphanumeric ^  (_NVRAIDBUS)

Is here somebody how like to try to help me out here? You can get the files here:


You could get rid of the "_" anywhere NVRAIDBUS occurs. But this should have nothing to do with causing resets.