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FreeBSD 6.0 - ACPI & SuperMicro 370DL3 DUAL CPUs + Detection



I thought about what you said and from what I remember when I tried without
ACPI support that there were no change as far as CPU's are concerned. This
led me to try a Windows based operating system. From there I found that
Windows also only reports 1 CPU in the task manager. I've looked through the
manual that I found on Super Micros website and through the bios but I have
found nothing that specifically states to enable/disable CPU#2. 


So I am sorry to have wasted anyone's time as clearly this is not an issue
directly with FreeBSD. I have contacted Super Micro hopefully they will have
something for me to do. As far as I'm concerned it's their board/settings
and not the chosen O/S.   



Thanks everyone for all your input.