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FreeBSD: working namei-based server

Yay, volume replication is finally working.  I'm having some trouble
getting to my non-work-related web server, so for the meantime, the pach
is at


It's about 24 kB.  This is against what's in CVS as of about 2 hours ago
or so.  It includes a patch to fix the stupid des password-reading
terminal futzing bug.

There is a minor patch of configure.in, so you'll probably want to
regenerate the configure script if you want things to build.  My devel
box is still running FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE, but the binaries run just fine
on 4.3-RELEASE as well.  I'm still using arla-0.35.2 as my client.

The next thing to do is work on porting the OpenAFS client.  There's
some more work towards that end in this patch, but it's still mostly at
the simple "follow the osf & darwin ifdef path" level.

I've asked Rob Watson to set aside a syscall number for AFS, and I'm
wating for him to get back to me.  In the meantime, I'll continue being
lame and use syscall 210.

Help from anyone who has great knowledge of the VFS would be most
appreciated.  Help from people who can torture test the server, and then
report dangerous bugs, would also be wonderful.

Tom Maher

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