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Re: afs?

I've faced this situation since 4.6.2 (or thereabouts).  Currently,
I'm running arla-0.35.11 with a pseudo-port. (i.e.: I took net/arla and
fiddled it to build 0.35.11 .)

I haven't tested this exhaustively, and I don't know how well this back-ports
to earlier versions of FreeBSD, but it works well enough for me for
4.7-STABLE (updated yesterday).  However, I must admit I don't excercise it
very hard.

One note: "klog" is now missing. Use "kalog" instead.

My port is in


I hope you have access to AFS somewhere that you can pull this from.

> originally from: Mitch Collinsworth <mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> subject: Re: afs?
> date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 09:44:30 -0500
> --------
>On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, E. Scott Larsen wrote:
>> I can't seem to find any information about afs on freebsd.  I just need
>> a client.  The arla port doesn't build (marked broken).  Searching the
>> mailing list archives reveals infrequent questions over the last 10
>> years, but I couldn't identify any answers.  Can anyone help me?
>Probably others can answer in a more detailed way, but freebsd if one
>of the primary os's supported by the arla folks.  I don't know about the
>port but I guarantee you arla has a working client.  If the port is broken
>just build it from source.  Maybe there is a vacancy for a port maintainer?
>The OpenAFS client has been in the works and I'm sure someone will correct
>me if I'm mistaken but I don't believe it is ready for prime time yet.
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