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Re: afs?

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Richard S. Conto wrote:

> I've faced this situation since 4.6.2 (or thereabouts).  Currently,
> I'm running arla-0.35.11 with a pseudo-port. (i.e.: I took net/arla and
> fiddled it to build 0.35.11 .)
> I haven't tested this exhaustively, and I don't know how well this back-ports
> to earlier versions of FreeBSD, but it works well enough for me for
> 4.7-STABLE (updated yesterday).  However, I must admit I don't excercise it
> very hard.
> One note: "klog" is now missing. Use "kalog" instead.
> My port is in
> 	/afs/umich.edu/users/r/s/rsc/Public/port-arla-devel.tar
> I hope you have access to AFS somewhere that you can pull this from.

There are currently some cache corruption problems with OpenAFS on
4-STABLE.  I'm working on porting it to -CURRENT (mostly involves changing
a bunch of type names, e.g., curproc -> curthread), though the corruption
problems will persist until someone can hunt them down.

Tom Maher, Senior System Administrator
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., Carnegie Mellon University

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