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Re: Users of netatm/HARP

Harti Brandt wrote:
> the netatm directory containing the HARP code is basically unmaintained. 
> Giving that most of the usual ATM stuff can now also be done with NgATM it 
> is intented to remove netatm at one point in HEAD. The one missing piece 
> in NgATM that netatm does is CLIP over signalled connections. I have some 
> code for this that worked with earlier versions of NgATM, but I doubt that 
> I have enough time in the next view months to actual bring this into 
> current.
> So the question is: what would break for whom if we remove netatm?

ForeIP and SPANS? :)

But I don't think supporting these is worth the trouble and IMHO harp
can be retired now...

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