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Re: Switched virtual connection

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Heiner Strauss wrote:


HS>Im trying to set up a SVC directly to an atm edge switch (3Com SS II with an
HS>ATM uplink modul). The host has FreeBSD 5.4 and a ForeRunner 155HE card. I
HS>have 2 Questions:
HS>1. Which of the 3 ATM implementations do I have to use ?

You should use the HARP stack (that is netatm) plus the hatm driver (that 
needs options atm) and the if_harp driver. Something like:


plus HARP configuration. See also rc.d/atm[123].

HS>2. Do I need ATMARPD ?

You should google around for HARP. There is somewhere documentation on the 
net. I think, that atmarpd is only needed if you want to synchronize 
several atmarp daemons.

HS>3. Are there examples for SVCs in netgraph/natm/HARP ?

There is some documentation in /usr/share/examples/atm. For the rc.conf 
variables you should refer to the rc files.

HS>I have googled around and found examples for PVCs, but the switch supports
HS>only SVCs. Both ends seem to send/receive SONET frames but nothing more:
HS>hatm0: flags=841<UP,RUNNING,SIMPLEX> mtu 9180
HS>        media: ATM Multi-mode/155MBit
HS>        status: active
HS>fa0: flags=43<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING> mtu 9180
HS>        ether 00:20:48:2e:13:67
HS>On the switch the Link Status LED is green. At the end I want to build
HS>something like this:
HS>Telco -- DSL Router -- FreeBSD as a IP/ATM bridge/router or switch -- 3Com
HS>with ethernet clients
HS>Is this possible or do I need a real ATM switch ?

What do you want the FreeBSD to do here? Should it terminate the pppoa or 
whatever your DLS uses? Or do you want it to transparently connect the DSL 
to the ATM switch on the ATM layer?