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Re: Mounting root through devfs

On Mon, May 03, 2004 at 02:21:16PM +0200, Thomas Quinot wrote:
> * Thomas Quinot, 2004-05-02 :
> > An interesting use of this option is to mount a root file system by
> > FFS volume label (using GEOM_VOL), without needing to know what hardware
> > identifier will be assigned to it.
> Hum, actually, further testing revealed that this should have worked
> with -CURRENT without resorting to any patch. I must have messed up
> something when initially determining that this did not work.

I was gonna say, you don't need a patch for /dev/vol/root to work. The
reason you may have been deceived is because you have to set the label
on the root (which can only be done in single user when / is RO), then
reboot the machine. Even then, /dev/vol/root doesn't show up because
GEOM spoils the geom_vol_ffs class instance from /dev/ad0s1a due to an
open write on /dev/ad0s1a (which geom_vol_ffs sits on top of). It takes
an act of faith to set /dev/vol/root in your /etc/fstab, reboot, and
hopefully everything works.


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