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Re: binup project

On 2003.03.07 13:55:06 +0000, Colin Percival wrote:

> >I don't think anybody are actively working on the project at the moment.
>   It's not intended to be as extensive as -binup, but I've got some binary 
> updates code designed for tracking the security branches; I announced an 
> earlier version here in late December, and I intend to have a new version 
> (with several bug fixes, and support for updating nocrypto, krb4, and krb5 
> versions of files appropriately) ready by the time FreeBSD 4.8 is released.
I remember looking at it and it looked very interesting. If I remember correctly
on "only" deals with making/applying updated and not the distribution right?

Perhaps your code could be put together with the simple HTTP protocol I was
looking at to actually get a complete remote binary updater... It could be a
start for a full binup.

Simon L. Nielsen

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