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Re: rfcomm_pppd with hp ipaq hw6515 with GPRS

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 20:15:56 +0100, Ronald Klop <ronald-freebsd8@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I'm trying to connect my laptop to the GPRS network of Telfort in The Netherlands via an ipaq pda with bluetooth.

Bluetooth works.
'rfcomm_pppd -a pda -c -C DUN -l rfcomm' connects to the pda.
The pda shows a popup about the connection, but it dissapears faster than I can read it. And then a popup with 'DUN connection has disconnected'.

Does anybody have this working? With what config?


Ok, I am trying this for a day-and-half (not fulltime) and 5 minutes after I send the previous e-mail I see a typo. In the rfcomm_pppd manpage the 'set dial' string should contain ATDT in stead of ATD. Plus for me the phone number '*99#' works and '*99***1#' doesn't, but I thing that might be pda specific.

Thanks for the marvelous functionality of all this bluetooth stuff. I can now connect to a wireless network (GPRS) by a wireless network (BT). :-)


 Ronald Klop
 Amsterdam, The Netherlands