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Re: BT LAN connection with Symbian phones

Dmitry Dyomin wrote:
On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:

i'm going to assume that you would like to make your freebsd machine act as a server, i.e. bluetooth access point. if this is the case then you have to run rfcomm_pppd(8) in _server_ mode, i.e. you need to add '-s' (lower case s) to the rfcomm_pppd(8) command like. the '-S' (upper case s) makes rfcomm_pppd(8) to register SP (Serial Port) service in _server_ mode.

Oh, I thought it's the same as -s, just opens additional service.

not exactly. rfcomm_pppd(8) can register SP service (in addition to LAN service) to implement so called 'mrouter mode'. you can use it if you do not want to install gnubox application on your phone. in this scenario, you still need to run rfcomm_pppd(8) in _server_ mode, but in order to make the phone to open LAN connection you need to "jump start" it by connecting to the phone SP service. what happens next is that the phone closes the connection and then it "dials" back, looks for SP service on freebsd and connects. at this point rfcomm_pppd(8) start ppp(8) and phone connects. you also need to change your dns server settings to make sure phone can resolve 'wsockhost.mrouter' name (at least nokia 3650 kills ppp connection if it can resolve it).

this whole mess can be avoided by just using gnubox. gnubox modifies communication database settings on some symbian phones so it is possible to create access point which will use bluetooth instead of gprs/gsm data.

i'm also going to assume that you are using gnubox application on your p900 phone to dial out. you need to use 2box direct mode. keep in mind that rfcomm_pppd(8) in server mode will not dial out. it will wait for the client to dial in. in other words you have to initiate connection from your phone.

Oops, I was not even aware of gnubox :) And tried to somehow initiate connection from FreeBSD box before :)

it is possible if you use 'mrouter' mode, which is a big mess, imo.