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Re: Missing HCI events


I've finally found time to sit down and port the kde-bluetooth framework for FreeBSD. While there are a lot of similarities between the FreeBSD stack and bluez, I can't find equivalents to some HCI events.

great! thanks for doing the work!

While looking for the corresponding #define of EVT_INQUIRY_RESULT_WITH_RSSI, I found that there are a some events declared in the bluez stack that aren't in the FreeBSD stack (everything 0x21 and 0x2f). Is there something missing in the FreeBSD stack?

well, yes and no. the particular "inquiry result with rssi" hci event is defined in the bluetooth specification v1.2. freebsd bluetooth stack is v1.1.

it is trivial to add required events to ng_hci.h. i will be happy to review and commit the patches for you.