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Re: please help to save my privacy

On 2005-08-16 22:00, Alexey Khlyamkov <bsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  Hello.
> I used send-pr to submit bug report.
> send-pr sent report message from my default e-mail address
> which I don't want to make accessible via web.
> The problem is that gnats pr-submission mechanism entirely saved
> original mail from me including all delivery mail headers under link
> "Raw PR".
> Could you please edit the database wiping out header fields "From"
> (not "From:"), "Return-Path:" and "Received:" from message accessed
> now at url http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=84999&f=raw

People working on bugs will need to contact you somehow.  The email
address listed as the submitter of the PR is the only way they have.

Quite often, if a followup to the problem report bounces, people with
access to the bugs database will close the PR with a message similar to:

	"Submitter address bounces."

So you have to use a real email address there.  If you don't want your
main email address to be visible there, can you send a "public email"
address to me?  I'll edit the problem report text and change the email
address currently displayed to whatever (valid) address you want.

- Giorgos