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Re: docs improvement request

On 2005-11-24 07:25, Tjabo Kloppenburg <tklopp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi,
> your bug submit form is broken.
> Let me send you this change-request by email:
> ------------------------------------
> hi,
> Sorry for my bad english.
> I want to suggest a change in the in-document navigation of the handbook.
> Let me describe the problem:
> Let's say I am reading in
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/securing-freebsd.html
> I came there by a link in another document or google.
> Now I want to go two levels up.
> In the current docs I've got to scroll 16 pages down (mouse wheel), to find a
> link "Up", that brings me one level up (Chapter 14), and "Home" to go
> directly to the contents page (but not at position of chapter 14).
> When I chose to follow the "Up"-Links I'll never reach the contents page -- I
> get stuck in a chapter III content page without a "Home" link.
> I'ld like to suggest to make the following changes:
>  1. Rename "Home" link to "Content".
>  2. The "Content" or "To content" link should be a link with #anchor
>     target in the content page.
>  3. Add navigation links at the top of each page.
>     Example:
>          "FreeBSD Handbook" can be a link to the content page, with local
>          anchor target where chapter 14 is on the content page.
>          "Chapter 14 Security": "Chapter 14" can be a link to
>          http://www.freebsd.org/....859-1/books/handbook/security.html".
> I think these changes would improve the usability of the handbook.

I think I understood most of the above.

You have some very good ideas that would probably benefit the
readers of the online Handbook a lot, with only minimal changes
to our HTML docs.

Can you please describe the changes you would find useful to the
freebsd-doc@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list, since that's the place
where many documentation committers hang out?

Thanks for your helpful comments :)

- Giorgos