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In general.

If there is a way to use the FreeBSD repository with cvs and any other tool
and each user of each tool sees everything which each user of any other tool
also sees, then i'm fine - no problem. As far as i understand, this is not
the case.

So someone or group who wants to use another tool makes a snapshot of the
cvs repository, converts it for their favorite tool and starts to hack
on the newly created tool-specific repository. But the cvs repository users
can't see anything going on there and might be told: "don't touch <whatever
code> in the cvs repository, we are working on it in our tool specific
repository." This is - IMHO - not good for working _together_.

Once i was told "hey, commit to -current, all is fine with this. If its
broken for some days thats ok. Its no problem at all, all changes can
be reversed, but at least its in the tree and everyone can see it and
work on it. If someone later finds a better solution, it will be replaced
but in the meantime we got a bit more forward" and this is what i like 
in FreeBSD development.

If i had to vote on that, i'd vote for: 

1) the only thing which is relevant is FreeBSD's cvs repository. If 
person A wants to commit solution A into it, commit it; if person A
does not, has not or does not (now) want to commit it then person B
should be allowed to commit solution B in any case at any time (by 
respecting the committers guidelines, good taste and common sense).

2) cvs is FreeBSD's tool to handle the repository. It allows us to
work together on the repository to solve problems together. If there
is a better tool to do the job, either make shure users of all tools
see the same repository at all times, or make shure all developers
can use the new tool and switch tools or leave everything as it is.

I have read core's recent statement on (part) of this subject and i'm
glad about it. I have nothing against (how should i ..) private 
repositories as long as they are not used to prevent others to commit,
work, go forward and collaborate. I hope we will not divided in 
committers using tool A on repository A, tool B on repository B and/or
tool C on repository C with each group yelling at each other to wait
because group X is working on a solution which will make it "shortly"
into the other repositories.

Again, these are just my 0.000000000002 EUR ...

Hellmuth Michaelis                                    Tel   +49 40 55 97 47-70
HCS Hanseatischer Computerservice GmbH                Fax   +49 40 55 97 47-77
Oldesloer Strasse 97-99                               Mail  hm [at] hcs.de
D-22457 Hamburg                                       WWW   http://www.hcs.de

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