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Unable to get any DIffs to work

I am unable to get any diff outputs to work with a new CVSWeb
I  am NOT a newbie who is posting here without first trying to solve
this myself.
The installation works perfectly for browsing and doing annotation
outputs but not for any diffs.
 rcsdiff and rlog ( 5.7) is installed and has been confirmed to work
fine from the command line.
I am not getting not getting any 500 errors nor server error log info
about the problem.
For the human readable diff I basically get a blank diff -- the page
looks fine with all eth header and footer prettiness- but the actual
"meat" of the page says: 
" - No viewable change - "
If I try a unified or side-by-side I get something like below printed to
the browser( no header or footer prettiness):
/bin/diff: illegal option -- -
usage: diff [-bitw] [-c | -e | -f | -h | -n] file1 file2
       diff [-bitw] [-C number] file1 file2
       diff [-bitw] [-D string] file1 file2
       diff [-bitw] [-c | -e | -f | -h | -n] [-l] [-r] [-s] [-S name]
directory1 directory2
rcsdiff: /web-content/cvsroot/SCM/bin/jadd: diff failed
I am able to use rcsdiff from the command line just fine.  And it
appears as though cvsweb.cgi has the  access to  run rcsdiff and knows
where it is etc... 
Is there a debug flag that I cna sue so that it prints out the full diff
command that it is trying to perform so thhat I could verify that fomr
teh command line?
Any advice?
Jeff Rousell
Principal Web Architect
PTC <http://www.ptc.com/>