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Believe it or not, external SCSI drives are not readily available in
my country (Norway). They all sell USB2 ones now. And my best bet for
getting hold of an APA1460 from Adaptec is ordering it from them
directly. Shame 4.6.2 does not support the APA1480, I could get that
one easily.

best regards, 

Inge Thorin Eidsaether

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002 14:47:49 +0100 (BST)
Andrew Gordon <arg-bsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The proprietary interface on the back of their various drives is
> just a buffered IDE interface on a different connector: the cables
> then adapt that to whatever interface is required.  The larger
> drives are just a standard 5.25" drive in a case with an adapter
> board and PSU - you can unplug the supplied drive and substitute any
> standard IDE device (I've used this on occasion to attach an
> external hard drive to a laptop).

> All the slimline (15mm) drive mechanisms that I've ever seen have
> been ATAPI - they're made to fit internally on laptops, where SCSI
> is never used.  The Freecom (and similar) products are just these
> drives in external cases.
> Full-size SCSI drives are readily available - I have one that I used
> to use in conjunction with an adaptec PCMCIA SCSI card - but they're
> much bigger and heavier than the Freecom product (my one is in a
> steel case!).

> I've not used them, but other people have reported good results with
> cdrecord on this mailing list.
> man 4 cam

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