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Re: FreeBSD/i386 lockups with Xorg & Radeon cards

On Tue, May 10, 2005 at 11:19:31PM -0400, jason henson wrote:
> Sean Davis wrote:
> >Hello, first let me enumerate the hardware I've seen this happen on:
> >
> >1) Athlon XP 2700+
> >  1GB DDR333
> >  ATI Radeon 9200 AGP8X w/ 128MB
> >
> >2) Athlon XP 2200+
> >  1GB DDR333
> >  ATI Radeon 7000 AGP4X w/ 32MB
> >  ATI Radeon 7500 PCI w/ 32MB
> >
> >3) Athlon XP 2200+
> >  1GB DDR333
> >  NVidia GeForce4 AGP8X (I think) w/ 32MB
> >  ATI Radeon 7500 PCI w/ 32MB RAM
> >
> >On machine #2 (which is also machine #3), I'm trying to do a dual-head 
> >setup.
> >Currently the primary video card is an AGP Geforce4. But that doesn't seem
> >to matter.
> >
> >On all of these setups (9200, 7000, 7500) xorgcfg hardlocks the machine. No
> >matter what I do.
> >
> >Xorg works just fine in Linux on the same hardware. (but no dual-head, 
> >despite
> >config hacking, however that is a discussion for elsewhere)
> >
> >XFree86 4.5.0 under NetBSD works just fine with every Radeon on this list.
> >
> >Hence, I'm left to conclude that it's a combination of Xorg and FreeBSD -
> >Windows works, NetBSD works, Linux works. I've tried both 5.3-RELEASE and
> >5.4-RELEASE, both of them die just as well.
> >
> >I *REALLY* want to get rid of windows on machine #2/#3, but it's simply not
> >an option without a usable dual-headed desktop setup, as that is my work
> >machine. However, if I can't even get xorgcfg to run without the machine
> >needing a three finger salute, it's simply out of the question. I can't run
> >NetBSD or OpenBSD on it, because I need something that I can deploy 
> >quickly,
> >with up-to-date binary packages, something that neither NetBSD nor OpenBSD
> >provide.
> >
> >Does anyone have any insights to this problem? Please respond directly, I 
> >am
> >not subscribed to either freebsd-ia32 or freebsd-questions.
> >
> >TIA,
> >-Sean
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> > 
> >
> Do you have an nforce chipset on the motherboard?  I do and I have never 
> had any version of x to work with dri on a radeon.  So disable dri if it 
> is on and try again. 

No. Both motherboards are VIA chipsets, one is an ASUS and one is an ASRock.
(although I've been told that ASRock is a low-budget division of ASUS, dunno
whether that's true or not.)

> Also are you getting any error messages?  You can check /var/run for the 
> x logs from the last running of x. 

Nope. Just locks the machine.

> Does x lock after the startx command, or randomly later on while you are 
> using x?

It locks as soon as the X server starts. I can start it with X -configure,
xorgcfg, or just plain `X', it doesn't matter - as soon as it starts trying
to initialize the display, it locks up.