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Re: FreeBSD/i386 lockups with Xorg & Radeon cards

Do you have an nforce chipset on the motherboard? I do and I have never had any version of x to work with dri on a radeon. So disable dri if it is on and try again.

No. Both motherboards are VIA chipsets, one is an ASUS and one is an ASRock.
(although I've been told that ASRock is a low-budget division of ASUS, dunno
whether that's true or not.)

Also are you getting any error messages? You can check /var/run for the x logs from the last running of x.

Nope. Just locks the machine.

Does x lock after the startx command, or randomly later on while you are using x?

It locks as soon as the X server starts. I can start it with X -configure,
xorgcfg, or just plain `X', it doesn't matter - as soon as it starts trying
to initialize the display, it locks up.


Sounds like a driver problem. Are you loading dri. Post a copy of xorg.conf.