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Re: route selection and ipfw forwarding

On Monday 02 January 2006 11:39, G Bryant wrote:
>  Thank you for your input, but this setup is currently working correctly.

how do you do it? with make buildwonderworld? :)

>  This is a bit off the original topic though.
>  Do you have any specific questions I can help you with?

your whole ruleset probably does not work, you only get traffic in and out for 
other reasons

your clients are able to get traffic because you certainly only deny traffic 
from inexistent IPs

so first you permit any on the inside interface
then you divert
then you do not not deny any traffic on the outside for the IP it really comes 
from and skip and skip but do not limit anything else than not existing 

so probably you get counters then only on your rule 8960 and 8990


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