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Re: Sound Blaster Live! External: Would like some help please

Jr Porkchop <jrporkchop@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Try to mute the device and then unmute it again (at least the GNOME
panel applet is able to mute/unmute a device, and I have to do the same
in Windows too when I want to use my uaudio device).

How would I mute/unmute devices by using a widget in KDE or do you suggest changing to gnome, or is there a command line like "mixer pcm 0" or is the "push to mute" volume switch used.

I don't suggest to switch to gnome just for this. And I would be surprised if
KDE doesn't offer such a feature. Since I never hat the need to mute the
sound in software (most of the time it's quicker to just hit the power
button on the remote control for me), I just know about the mute feature in
the gnome panel applet. But I'm sure there are other ways of doing it.

been trying to recreate the settings but to no avail. Also is there any way of running at it Hi-speed becasue at the minute it's running at Full speed (12MB/s).

Why do you need that? Are you sure your uaudio device is capable of doing
Hi-spped transfers?


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