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Re: Sound Blaster Live! External: Would like some help please

Hi Alexander,

Jr Porkchop <jrporkchop@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Try to mute the device and then unmute it again (at least the GNOME
panel applet is able to mute/unmute a device, and I have to do the same
in Windows too when I want to use my uaudio device).

How would I mute/unmute devices by using a widget in KDE or do you suggest changing to gnome, or is there a command line like "mixer pcm 0" or is the "push to mute" volume switch used.

I don't suggest to switch to gnome just for this. And I would be surprised if
KDE doesn't offer such a feature. Since I never hat the need to mute the
sound in software (most of the time it's quicker to just hit the power
button on the remote control for me), I just know about the mute feature in
the gnome panel applet. But I'm sure there are other ways of doing it.

You were right about the power button when I did it and tested the sound system using kde it worked but only through the front port (headphones jack) I wish to use the rear ports (for 5.1) the /dev/sndstat says it's capable but I am unaware of how to activate it.

been trying to recreate the settings but to no avail. Also is there any way of running at it Hi-speed becasue at the minute it's running at Full speed (12MB/s).

Why do you need that? Are you sure your uaudio device is capable of doing
Hi-spped transfers?

Yes it's USB 2.0 but it requires some sort of vendor specific signal, in windows you just install the drivers and it activates the Hi -speed option this also allows 24-bit sound processing. Also should install some sort of OSS, like 4Front Technologies OSS.