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    1) The preferred solution is to provide me with
       a C cross-compiler that runs on a linux ELF 
       glibc 2.* machine and is capable of producing
       shared libraries for your platform.

    2) Alternatively, you can donate(not loan) to me a machine
       that has networking support and has all the necessary 
       software installed to compile C source code into a 
       shared library.  I won't need a monitor if I can somehow
       find a cable that will connect the video out to individual
       RGB BNC connectors or a standard VGA connector. 
       Again, this isn't the preferred way, since it's easier
       for me to have the cross-compiler. The only advantage
       this has is for audio support and if I need to debug
       the dlls.
    NOTE: since I'm under NDA for most of the dlls, I can't
    give out the source. Nor can I upload the source to an
    account that is provided to me for the purposes of doing
    a compile.

So... what would be needed and probably best, is for someone to sit down and
fix a cross compiler enviroment for FreeBSD that can run on Linux. Unless
there is someone here with too much money that could buy an extra machine,
install a nice install of FreeBSD, and ship it to him.


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