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Re: Horrible PostgreSQL performance with NFS

On 1/14/06, Andreas Feid <asimex@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Are you sure the filer is fine?
> I would guess so from your description, might be worth getting the latest
> version of perfstat from NOW and run it.

I'm sure. It doesn't do anything special. The throughput it sees from
the dbserver is in the measurement error range. What might be wrong?

> Alternative idea, if can afford to test it, would be to try the ISCSI
> driver from Danny Brannis and put the data on a lun on the filer. That
> should give you about the same performance as a local disk.

It is some idea. I will try to run the database on Solaris 10 for a
test first though.

Sławek Żak / UNIX Systems Administrator