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Re: Ping?

On Sun, Sep 30, 2001 at 07:38:38PM +0200, aaron wrote:

> On Sunday 30 September 2001 17:02, Bart Kus wrote:
> > Is anybody out there?  The mail archives would suggest no.

> Well, I am lurking around :)

me too ... i'm an escapee from teh school of realtime, faculty qnx and

though its been so long now that i would have to start from scratch
(and relearn teh whole lot) if i were to do anything serious, or
trivial for that matter.

what sort of 'realtime' projects were/are invisioned for freebsd ???
from what i can see unless one rewrites teh kernel as a whole freebsd
is not good for much 'realtime' stuff other that what is called (used
to be called) soft realtime.

the other realtime, 'real' real time so to speak is required for most
of teh ag resources work that i dabbled in, back in teh early eighties
through to teh begining of the 1990's when i (abruptly) stoped going
forward in my career. medical reasons that skyrocketed me out of teh
workpool and almost teh gene pool ... a genetic disorder i was born
with manifested itself and i became a permanently unemployable disabled
person. sorry i don't know how to say invalid pensioner in american
social security speak.

with regards and best wishes to all


Jonathan Michaels             http://repaired.reallllly.soon.now
PO Box 144, Rosebery, NSW 1445	  suffering construction anxiety

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