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Re: Ping?

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Pat Villani wrote:

> Actually, I think there are quite a few folks here, but activity is nil.
> I have a broader question.  What is the demand for a real-time UNIX-like
> operating system?  I know there are companies such as QNX and OS9 with
> popular products, which I have experience with both, but my observations
> have been that demand for others has not been high.  In fact, I get the
> feeling that there has been a decline in demand for this type of
> operating system.  This may seem somewhat off topic, but it questions
> the value of a real-time FreeBSD project.  It may help explain why
> traffic here is non-existent.

Well I guess it would not hurt to have some things like low-latency
patches, etc. (linux has that after all :)))

I am sure it would make *BSD more useful. recently I had to program a
sound "pacemaker" (i.e. a heartbeat .wav is sent to the soundcard
regularly). So this is not real-time, BUT: since the rate was meant
to change constantly (ranging from 33 bpm to 120), I could not use 
/dev/rtc. Neither did the usleep() and nanosleep() function calls give me
the precision which I wanted. signals were useless.

Now some of you might wonder why I mention that sound not-even realtime
simple project: because with sound output you can immediately feel if
something is happening 100ms to late :)

So, to sum it up: maybe its not a priority for freebsd but low latency
things would sure make freebsd become more of a desktop multimedia OS
(seems we are going in that direction anyway with all the KDE great
stuff). Linux is going that way, why should not freebsd to some
extent? --> some realtime capabilities would be great.


COSHER = Completely Open Source, Headers, Engineering, and Research 
[ (C) Matt Blaze I believe ]

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