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Wow, life!

	The reason I asked, was because I am fed up with my damn remote
control reciever not working (one of those cheap hewlett packard models
that toggles DCD as it detects IR).  Windows has drivers, Linux has
drivers, FreeBSD has nothing.  (Diane Bruce: Hi!  You might remember this
rant of mine from a while back :) )

	But, I did actually find something which almost does the job -
PPS.  (RFC2783)  It's implemented in sio.c, but stops short of being
useful (does not provide blocking).  So I figure it must either provide
blocking, or return a list of events instead of just 1.  But that'd break
the API in the RFC...thankfully the RFC is not a standard yet.

	So as it stands, FBSD is still incapable of dealing with remote


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