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Article I: Terms Section 1.1 Landlord:.

Magnolia, Texas 77354

Property Address:   29418 FM 2978
                                Magnolia, Texas 77354

Tenant:     Absolute Cabinet Systems LLC

Billing & Notice Address:      29418 FM 2978
                                                                        Magnolia, Texas 77354

Demised Premises: Three thousand square feet of warehouse
                                                             Fifteen hundred square feet of office space

Permitted Use: Tenant may use the buildings for all activities related to construction.  Tenant agrees not to violate any Environmental Protection Laws or Regulations.      

Lease Term: The term of this lease shall commence on the commencement date, October 1, 2001 or move in date which ever is earlier, and shall terminate on the last day of July 2022.  

Commencement Date: October 1, 2001

Expiration Date:  July 31, 2022

Prepaid Rental:     $0

Monthly Rental:     $4,500.

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