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Re: [RFC] what do we do with picobsd ?

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

In message <20060131.131654.134137067.imp@xxxxxxxxxx>, "M. Warner Losh" writes:
In message: <43DFC2D5.7040706@xxxxxxxxx>
          Sam Leffler <sam@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Since I've started working on the bring up on an ARM based board, I've
been wanting something that is easy to work with and that worked.  I
think it would help us a lot in the embedded space if we had something
integrated into the base OS to do this stuff.

I agree.  I think we need to be much more inclusive in our concept of
a 'release' than we are now.

As I see it, PicoBSD with its "additive" approach would cover the
low-capacity (<32 MB ?) range, NanoBSD with its "subtractive" approach
takes over from there, FreeSBIE covers the "don't touch my disk"
range and finally the full blown release as we know it.

I'd like to see us take the freesbie release into the tree somewhere (since it uses so many
ports, maybe in ports, or maybe in tools)