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Re: [RFC] what do we do with picobsd ?

Julian Elischer wrote:
> Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> In message <20060131.131654.134137067.imp@xxxxxxxxxx>, "M. Warner
>> Losh" writes:
>>> In message: <43DFC2D5.7040706@xxxxxxxxx>
>>>           Sam Leffler <sam@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> Since I've started working on the bring up on an ARM based board, I've
>>> been wanting something that is easy to work with and that worked.  I
>>> think it would help us a lot in the embedded space if we had something
>>> integrated into the base OS to do this stuff.
>> I agree.  I think we need to be much more inclusive in our concept of
>> a 'release' than we are now.
>> As I see it, PicoBSD with its "additive" approach would cover the
>> low-capacity (<32 MB ?) range, NanoBSD with its "subtractive" approach
>> takes over from there, FreeSBIE covers the "don't touch my disk"
>> range and finally the full blown release as we know it.
> I'd like to see us take the freesbie release into the tree somewhere
> (since it uses so many
> ports, maybe in ports, or maybe in tools)
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Do you mean the livecd or the build toolkit? The toolkit only needs
mkisofs as port (like release/ scripts do, afaik).


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