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Re: [RFC] what do we do with picobsd ?

Julian Elischer ha scritto:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
>> Dario Freni wrote:
>>> Nobody of you mind importing the toolkit in the source tree? :)
>> on the contrary i thin it should be there.. *somewhere*.
>> the question is, "where?"
> BTW  freesbie web page looks a bit sad with teh last post being in Dec 2004
> Some_Freesbie_person (TM) should put something new there..

I'm working on the new site, it will be up in a couple of days. Most of
the people helping us with site, translation, mirrors, etc. were quite
busy this year or disappeared at all, now I'm waking up all the tasks.
The "news" are on the blog, actually. Sorry for that.

>> I thought that's why you have access?

Access to what? :) I have only a perforce access derived from SoC and I
try to keep my project dir in sync with freesbie's cvs.

Dario Freni (saturnero@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
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