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Re: Target Mode FC

Brian Hechinger wrote:
What's the current status of Target Mode Fiber Channel these days?  I'm
interested in doing it with a sparc64 box.  Is there a recommended FC card?
I think I've got a couple QLogic 2100s laying around (I'd have to check what
model they are, they are the ones that a sun can't boot from, so that leads
me to believe that they are 2100s)

How well supported are the LSI MegaRAID cards as well?  I could probably just
bite the bullet and do software RAID since this box will be doing nothing else,
but I just like hardware RAID. ;)

MegaRAID is supported very well on little-endian machines (notice the
emphasis here), though I'm not sure what that has to do with your
question about FC target mode.

Short of that, whare are good supported SATA cards?  How about the SiL 3114

There are a number of issues with SiI chips which make it hard to write
a reliable driver.  There are several good choices for SATA RAID, though
the drivers likely are not endian-clean.