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Re: Changes from 5.2.1 to 5.3 (theads / signal handling)

Julian Elischer wrote:
Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
This application runs fine under Solaris (four years long now).

Each implementation has different side-effects

Well, Solaris 10 implements fork1 and forkall. forkall man page have many warnings about this issue, but as they implemented, they surely worked hard to minimize side-effects.

On FreeBSD 6, try the libthr() threading library.

I turned my code back to as it was before : instead of using a threaded signal handler, I'm using again a handler defined by sigaction. This works fine with libpthread, but not with libthr on a 5.3 machine.

I'm doing some more changes, as before defining signal handling, the application "daemonizes" : forks twice, close and redirect stdin, stdout, stderr, ... and so. Removing this, the application beguns to work but there are still problems. So, I'm getting a test machine to install FreeBSD 6 and debug it.

But, what's the relations between pre and after 5.3 libpthreads ? What about libptl2 and libthr ?

Again, thanks for you answers


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