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Re: Status of 4.6.1

Risking to put my foot into my mouth:

> Just a question about ports: I saw that the ports tree has the matching tag
> for 4.6.1 release at the same revisions of 4.6 (that is, ports bundled with
> 4.6.1 release CDs will be the same packaged with 4.6). I think that ports
> bundled with 4.6.2 should be more recent.

As far as I know, the Release Candidates used the ports for 4.6
(after all, they're release _candidates_).  I remember having
read somewhere (qa-freebsd list?), a package built of the current
ports was being scheduled --- at a time, when 4.6.1 still was

Especially in the light, of some ports being statically linked
against now fixed libraries etc. I think you can trust re@ to
meet the decision you desire.


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