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Re: Status of 4.6.1

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 10:12:34AM +0200, Sandro Tolaini wrote:
> Just a question about ports: I saw that the ports tree has the matching tag 
> for 4.6.1 release at the same revisions of 4.6 (that is, ports bundled with 
> 4.6.1 release CDs will be the same packaged with 4.6). I think that ports 
> bundled with 4.6.2 should be more recent.

  The RELEASE_4_6_1 tag in /ports is indeed very similar to the
RELEASE_4_6_0 tag.  This is necessary because of the huge amount of
effort that portmgr@ and the entire ports team put into doing quality
assurance work in the month leading up to a release.  We can not
simply use the current head of the ports/ tree, because many important
packages are not building.  It usually takes us WEEKS to get a package
set put together for 4.X where both KDE and GNOME fully build.  The
only way we can provide a package set for our 4.6.X point release is
if we base it off of the 4.6 ports tree, with as few modifications as

  The packages are all being rebuilt on 4.6.2 machines so that they
are linked with the new OpenSSL libraries, etc..

  You can always see the build logs for the package cluster at
http://bento.FreeBSD.org.  You can also read a little about the setup
in the releng-packages article.

    - Murray

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