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Re: Status of 4.6.1


On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 01:55:44AM -0700, Murray Stokely wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 10:12:34AM +0200, Sandro Tolaini wrote:
> > Just a question about ports: I saw that the ports tree has the matching tag 
> > for 4.6.1 release at the same revisions of 4.6 (that is, ports bundled with 
> > 4.6.1 release CDs will be the same packaged with 4.6). I think that ports 
> > bundled with 4.6.2 should be more recent.
>   The RELEASE_4_6_1 tag in /ports is indeed very similar to the
> RELEASE_4_6_0 tag.  This is necessary because of the huge amount of
> effort that portmgr@ and the entire ports team put into doing quality
> assurance work in the month leading up to a release.  We can not
> simply use the current head of the ports/ tree, because many important
> packages are not building.  It usually takes us WEEKS to get a package
> set put together for 4.X where both KDE and GNOME fully build.  The
> only way we can provide a package set for our 4.6.X point release is
> if we base it off of the 4.6 ports tree, with as few modifications as
> possible.
>   The packages are all being rebuilt on 4.6.2 machines so that they
> are linked with the new OpenSSL libraries, etc..
>   You can always see the build logs for the package cluster at
> http://bento.FreeBSD.org.  You can also read a little about the setup
> in the releng-packages article.

While I understand about the testing cycle taking weeks, does this
mean that the apache/openssl/other vulnerable ports in 4.6-RELEASE are
also not updated? I thought one of the goals of the in-between release
was to fix these packages. Could you clarify this?


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