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[no subject]

Seemed to me to be the sort of people I should talk to, but NO.

The Annetta Family gateway system is actually:  http://robgate.kiwi.net/, a
site that comes up as KABLUM, part of Kablum.com.  This appears to be a
YAHOO clone, that is a list manager. Didn't want to be there, so I tried
HOME on my IE browser, nope, their site had obviously written a script to my
browser as my home page is now set to URL:

Using the WHOIS at URL:  http://www.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois2.pl  I was
unable to find an owner, details or name address of the domains:
robgate.kiwi.net, kiwi.net or anything-internet.com

Each time I tried to go back, I couldn't, my browser was locked into their
frame site. I tried CONTACT US at the bottom of their website, alll I got
was a scripting window asking "did I want my home page set to

Once again using the URL:  http://www.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois2.pl  I was
unable to find any details on the domain:  kablum.com

My request:

That the entries #31 & #32 be removed from the page at URL:
http://www.freebsd.org/gallery/pgallery.html as clearly they are not
interested in displaying or being associated with an discussions of FreeBSD.
Instead they are acting sneakily and in the same spirit as SPAMMERs.  They
offer no contact details, no back page facility, have written a script that
was resident in my browser cache, have made afforts to hide their identity
and do not belong in a site such as www.freebsd.org.

Sorry for the gripe, but this really annoys me, hope you can do something.

Cheers, Ben

Ben Minton
Darwin, Australia
current ip address:

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