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Editorial: Not Quite Dead Yet (Coleman, Chris)(King, Mikel) 200603

Daemon News was quiet for a long time and is now springing back to life. Chris Coleman and Mikel King explain what is going on.

20 Years of BSD History (Coleman, Chris) 200503

Marshall Kirk McKusick's work with Unix development spans some twenty years. From his first paper on the implementation of Berkeley Pascal in 1979, to his pioneering work in the eighties on the BSD Fast File System, the BSD virtual memory system, the final release from the UC Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group, 4.4 BSD Lite2, and his work after 4.4 BSD. A key figure in Unix development, his experiences chronicle not only the innovative technical achievements but also the interesting personalities and philosophical debates in Unix over the past twenty years. His talk covers many of these areas as he describes his years at the Computer Systems Research Group at Berkeley.

Editorial (Bogen, David) 200502

How do we grow BSD's installed base?

BSD/OS Grows Grass Roots (Coleman, Chris) 200501

bsdmall.com opens up BSD/OS to a community supported development model.

Digium releases g.729 codec for FreeBSD (Coleman, Chris) 200412

Digium makes the g.729 speech vocoder codec available for FreeBSD after bsdnews.com readers lobby for a FreeBSD port

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200411

Where has Daemon News been? and Why are you publishing an old issue?

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200410

How can you help advocate BSD?

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200409

O'Reilly's Open Source Convention

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200408

The Daemon's Are No Longer Just in My Head.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200407

Chris updates us on where he has been spending his time.

BSD Art Contest (Coleman, Chris) 200406

BSD Mall is looking for new BSD merchandise art and ideas.

BSDCan Conference Roundup (Coleman, Chris) 200405

Didn't make it to BSDCan? Here are all the things you missed so you can start feeling guilty.

FreeBSD 4.Ten (Coleman, Chris) 200404

Chris explains BSD version numbers and why FreeBSD 4.10 doesn't fit the standard.

Daemon News Print Magazine (Coleman, Chris) 200403

Chris Coleman explains where the print magazine has been and what is going to happen to it.

BSDCon Canada - BSDCan? (Coleman, Chris) 200402

BSDCan is pleased to announce the first Canadian BSD conference. It will be held May 13-16, 2004 in Ottawa, Canada.

MacWorld Expo 2004 (Coleman, Chris) 200401

Chris contrasts the difference in MacWorld Attendees from this year and last.

SCO: What Are They Really Up To? (Coleman, Chris) 200312

Lawsuits against BSD don't seem very logical, even for SCO. Chris Coleman investigates.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200311

FreeBSD 4.9, Java, and Office Applications

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200310

OroborOSX, X11, and OpenOffice.org on Mac OS X

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200309

A Guest Editorial from BSDCon 2003 by Michael W. Lucas.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200308

Using a Palm with BSD by Chris Coleman.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200307

Articles, yes my precious, we must have them! by Chris Coleman

New BSD books and releases (Coleman, Chris) 200306

Just thought I'd make a few notes on some recent BSD books and releases that came available. This isn't a complete list, since quite a bit is happening, but these are the ones I have been paying attention to.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200305

Newbie's Corner: Searching through files with grep and egrep

Editorial (Pham, Linh) 200304

A call for articles

Old Fashioned Peer-to-Peer Networking (Coleman, Chris) 200303

Old-fashioned peer-to-peer networking

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200302

As anyone who has done one can attest, putting together a Ezine is a lot of work. We have been at this for four and a half years! We have changed a lot, grown quite a bit and lost a few people to "real life" along the way.

OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X (Coleman, Chris) 200301

Move over Microsoft Office, there is a new Office Suite for Mac OS X.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200212

Seek and ye shall find, if your data mining skills are up to the task.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200211

Chris Coleman talks about the troubles in starting a new print magazine, and the hurdles that Daemon News had to get over to finance the print magazine.

Open Packages (Coleman, Chris) 200210

When I first proposed the open packages project, it wasn't a new idea. Creating a single package system that works for all BSD was and still is a very good idea. Organizing such a venture is quite a task. Getting enough people to agree on something to make a decision is nearly impossible. It's not difficult to suffer death by committee as people bring new ideas to the table.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200209

Our goal is to provide all the services necessary for people to take BSD seriously in a corporate environment. This would also include most of the things necessary to use BSD as a desktop computer and for personal use. We have quite a ways to go, but given our level of activity, we are certainly making progress.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200208

When Apple chose BSD Unix as the core we all shouted for joy. Finally someone recognized the usefulness of the BSD license and the power of BSD Unix that came 30 years in the making. Yet, there were critics in the open source community that accused Apple of riding the Open Source bandwagon, trying to get commercial gain from free software. However, that is why the BSD license was created, so people would use it.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200207

I recently spent three days at Usenix 2002 in Monterey CA. I didn't get much time to attend any of the tutorials, because I was standing behind a booth promoting BSD to whoever would listen. However, I did meet a lot of very interesting people.

Unleash the power of Unix hidden in Mac OS X (Coleman, Chris) 200206

With Mac OS X and the right Unix utilities, you don't have to dual boot to have the best of both worlds.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200205

I am sure that most of you will share the opinion that BSD's code base has been ready for enterprise computing for quite a while. It has all the characteristics necessary to allow a sysadmin to work headache free most of the time. However to be ready for enterprise level corporations, there are a few things that have been missing...

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200204

Building a self-funded company is difficult in any economy, and especially so in the current one. Its a backhanded blessing, however. One the one hand, you are protected from the "dot com" syndrome, where you burn through money faster than investors can throw it at you. But on the other hand, you can't get money if you wanted to, investors, loans or otherwise.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200203

Back in my December editorial, we announced our Hardware Certification program. Vendors would submit hardware and pay for a certification in our test labs, or give us hardware to review in our online or print magazine. First to take us up on the program was AMD. A few weeks after the editorial was published, AMD came and delivered the promised hardware.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200202

I'm writing this editorial from the classroom where I am teaching Daemon News' first training class. This is the last day of class, and I am pleased to report that it has gone very well.

Daemon News in 2001... and ahead! (Coleman, Chris) 200201

The year 2001 was a bumpy ride for BSD, and especially for Daemon News. We started the year with cash in our pockets preparing to expand and conquer.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200112

Wondering if the hardware you are going to buy is compatible with FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD or even Darwin? Now you can know for sure.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 200111

We announced last month that we were producing FreeBSD starting with release 4.5. We are gearing up to add a few more services, phone support being one of the first.

Recent BSD Releases (Coleman, Chris) 200110

NetBSD, FreeBSD, Darwin, and Mac OS X all came out with new releases recently and I thought I'd take a moment and call some attention to them.

Daemon News Print Magazine (Coleman, Chris) 200109

One of my earliest goals after we started Daemon News was to try to get it into print. The plan was to start out bi-monthly and then re-evaluate after three issues and see if we could move to a monthly schedule. However, things haven't worked out as we had hoped.

Open Packages Reaches Milestone 2 (Coleman, Chris) 200108

Each BSD project has its own 3rd party software packaging system. They are all based on the same code, yet, each of them have features that make one better than the other. Open Packages is a volunteer project to unify that code base and incorporate the best features of each.

Usenix Report (Sutter, Greg) 200107

Greg Sutter summarize Usenix Annual Technical Conference, this year held in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

How Can I Help (Coleman, Chris) 200106

Are you sitting around wondering what you should be doing? Want to help out with BSD, but don't know where your skills would be best put to use? There is always lots going on at Daemon News, Chris Coleman gives a few ideas where you might be able to lend a hand.

Sticks and Stones (Taylor, Brett) 200102

Advocacy is a gentle art...

New Year's Resolutions (Taylor, Brett) 200101

New Year's Resolutions by Brett Taylor.

The Start of the BSD Millenium (Taylor, Brett) 200012

Contrary to the beliefs of many people, next year is the first year of the new millenium and it's now time to look back and see how things have fared for BSD.

Time for a New BSD (Taylor, Brett) 200011

Time for a New BSD.

What a long strange road... (Taylor, Brett) 200010

This month Brett Taylor intended to spend some time following up those editorials by installing the beta version of Mac OS X and describing how Apple handled those issues.

Unified BSD Package Collection (Coleman, Chris) 200009

Unified BSD Package Collection.

Dumbing Down - Part 2 (Taylor, Brett) 200008

This is part two of June's editorial.

Surge in BSD space, news at 11. (Coleman, Chris) 200007

Chirs Coleman, as a publisher of BSD news and articles, tend to keep track of who writes well and where they get published. Especially interesting to him are the places that publish BSD related items.

Dumbing Down? (Taylor, Brett) 200006

How do we bring in new users accustomed to an automated "click here" world without alienating the old timers who don't want things to change?

Standards (Taylor, Brett) 200005

The Future of BSD? (Taylor, Brett) 200004

The Future of BSD? Apple has released Darwin as Open Source and it's based on code taken from FreeBSD and NetBSD...

The Commercial World and Open Source (Taylor, Brett) 200003

The Commercial World and Open Source.

No time to rest (Taylor, Brett) 200002

Brett Taylor had made up two short and sweet rules of being a good advocate to BSD.

Hopes for a new year (Taylor, Brett) 200001

BSD and Daemon News in 2000 and beyond

LISA '99 in Review (Coleman, Chris) 199912

LISA '99 in Review

The Real(TM) Y2K Problem (Taylor, Brett) 199911

BSD, well-meaning computer people, and Y2K

Daemon News is Growing! (Coleman, Chris) 199910

Daemon News is Growing!

Editorial (Taylor, Brett) 199909

Time isn't always on your side...

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 199908


Editorial (Taylor, Brett) 199907

The best of times...

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 199906

Writing for D�mon News ? The Daemon News is a volunteer magazine; everything from the web space to the feature articles are donated to the project.

Editorial (Taylor, Brett) 199905

A look ahead.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 199904

What every Linux user needs to know about BSD

Editorial (Taylor, Brett) 199903

Supporting Open Source software

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 199902

One BSD, Two BSD, Three BSD. More?

Editorial (Taylor, Brett) 199901

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 199812

One Big BSD.

Editorial (Taylor, Brett) 199811

Keeping the momentum.

Editorial (Coleman, Chris) 199810

Chris Coleman describes the hectic life of a Daemon News editor.

Welcome to Daemon News (Taylor, Brett) 199809

Hello, and welcome to Daemon News' first issue.

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