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Newbies Corner: Command Line Too Long (Coleman, Chris) 200311

This introduction to the 'xargs' command shows how to deal with large lists in your shell.

Newbies Corner - Managing Disk Space: Using df and du (Coleman, Chris) 200307

Newbies Corner - Backing up Key Files (Coleman, Chris) 200306

Not everyone has access to a tape drive backup system big enouth to make daily copies of all the files on all their servers. And, even if they do have access to such a system, making a complete backup of every file can be a waste of tape.

Newbies: Aliasing is important for any size network (McKitrick, Jonathon) 200009

In this article, the author walks you through some examples of the more common tasks done by the system administrator in both large and small implementations, using Aliasing shortcuts to make your life easier.

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 200005

After you have BSD installed... what's next?

Newbies (McKitrick, Jonathan) 200004

New User to FreeBSD? Perhaps these tips will help point you in the right direction.

Newbies: Dealing with Disconnection (Coleman, Chris) 200002

Being disconnected from a terminal unexpectedly can be a real bummer. Here's a program that can save your time and make your life easier...

Newbies' Corner: Gathering System Information (Coleman, Chris) 200001

If you manage multiple BSD computers, you have noticed that one command line looks very much like any other command line. It is easy to get turned around and think you are working on one computer, when you are really working on another.

Newbies\' Corner: Living with Netscape (Lehey, Greg) 199912

HTML, Web browsers, and document-specified fonts come together to make web browsing a harrowing experience.

Newbies Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199911

I spent quite a bit of time oblivious to the various Z tools that were out there. It wasn't until a friend of mine pointed out how one of the Z tools could accomplish a task I was working on that I became aware of their presence and what they can do. Z tools are a collection of programs that start with 'z'. I don't know if anyone else calls them 'Z tools' but it seemed like the right thing to call them. They are all based around the program gzip. Gzip is a compression tool.

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199909

Pointers on starting X.

Newbies' Corner (Blake, Sue) 199908

One of the first things new BSD converts want to try is to share their knowledge, to help others learn.

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199907

Using and installing WordPerfect 8.

Newbies' Corner (Blake, Sue) 199906

Getting started with RCS

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199905

FTP: A simple installation.

Newbies' Corner (Blake, Sue) 199904

A Floppy Disk and a Stiff Upper Lip

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199903

Setting up an email server using POP3 and SMTP

Newbies' Corner (Blake, Sue) 199902

The oft-overlooked art of sharing floppies.

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199901

Hey, is that my pager?

Newbies' Corner (Blake, Sue) 199812

Mary, Mary, quite contrary; where has your time gone?

Newbies' Corner (Coleman, Chris) 199811

Using your floppy drive!

Newbie's Corner (Blake, Sue) 199810

New users and the BSD community.

Newbie's Corner: Managing Permissions with umask and chmod (Coleman, Chris) 199809

Let's face it, security and privacy are big issues. Users of your system are going to want to know that their files are safe from prying eyes. They want to be protected automatically and comprehensively, with each new file protected as it is created. Incorrectly set permissions on a file may allow unwanted access, cause programs to function improperly, or deny access to legitimate users.

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