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Re: need help for DSDT for an Epox Amd64 MB

On Monday 23 January 2006 16:08, Bruno Ducrot wrote:
> > >
> > > Can't tell for sure if you don't test without ACPI loaded.
> > > It may be possible after all the apci_thermal subsystem trigger as
> > > (false) overheat situation which may explain a sudden shutdown.
> >

I think this is good for a follow up

actually this Epox MB is very good and there is no problem in the asl at all, 
appearently cpu-freq and acpi_thermal with passive cooling is also working 
outstanding good.

the real problem was the memory. Even that I used dual-channel (Geil) chips 
they caused the problem. I had them changed at the beginning because the 
memory was my first idea. As last resource I sticked them in different slots 
as single-channel mem and it didn't crash anymore. I bought then some better 
and more expensive corsair dual channel and now the board is running fine and 
fast and stable for a week now.

The "not-accepted-memory" runs fine as dual-channel on an Asus MB so I guess 
Epox is more sensitive(more correct?) or Asus do not care about this so much.


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