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Re: need help for DSDT for an Epox Amd64 MB

On Monday 23 January 2006 16:08, Bruno Ducrot wrote:
> The temperature is read from some isa io port at 0x295...
> I'm wondering if you should use mbmon instead of ACPI
> (the _TMP method in that DSDT look a little ugly to my eyes,
> though I am not sure if it will give some buggy
> informations).

ok, I didn't said it before but I graf with mrtg based on mbmon and I ever get 
something 40C but I never got peaks, then this sysctl temperatur is never 
higher then 24C what then confirmes you are saying here

> Maybe you should try to disable acpi thermal stuff via
> hint.acpi_tz.0.disabled="1"

I will try it

I haven't done it because I thought that if the shutoff is caused by a 
hardware/bios feature then the OS can not do so very much here

but a try does not hurt anything



 would be the same?


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