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Re: afs?

Thanks to everyone's replies.  Summary of my expierence so far:

I tried ftp'n the package at the first replie's address, but the server was always full (didn't allow more anon users)

Next came the reply suggesting that arla would surely work, regardless of whether the port is broken or not. I went to arla's web page and found a freebsd 4.6 and higher binary package (I'm running 4.7-STABLE). I've installed this along with ports/security/krb5, and it all appears to be working for me (I can edit my files that exist in afs space on another server). So I'm stickin' with this, unless something comes up.

It appears OpenAFS is still in the works.

Thanks again to everyone for speedy replies and offerings of packages. I _really_ appreciate it.

Any tips for a random newby setting up a generic client?


Tom Maher wrote:

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Richard S. Conto wrote:

>I've faced this situation since 4.6.2 (or thereabouts).  Currently,
>I'm running arla-0.35.11 with a pseudo-port. (i.e.: I took net/arla and
>fiddled it to build 0.35.11 .)
>I haven't tested this exhaustively, and I don't know how well this back-ports
>to earlier versions of FreeBSD, but it works well enough for me for
>4.7-STABLE (updated yesterday). However, I must admit I don't excercise it
>very hard.
>One note: "klog" is now missing. Use "kalog" instead.
>My port is in
>	/afs/umich.edu/users/r/s/rsc/Public/port-arla-devel.tar
>I hope you have access to AFS somewhere that you can pull this from.

There are currently some cache corruption problems with OpenAFS on
4-STABLE.  I'm working on porting it to -CURRENT (mostly involves changing
a bunch of type names, e.g., curproc -> curthread), though the corruption
problems will persist until someone can hunt them down.

Tom Maher, Senior System Administrator
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., Carnegie Mellon University

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