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Re: 32-bit X libs?

On 1/28/06, Coleman Kane <zombyfork@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What about this...
> Install 32-bit FreeBSD into ia32. and then make another ports dir there.
> Then run against the 32-bit make binary that would be in there somewhere?
> You could have all of the /*/(lib,bin,sbin,libexec)32 dirs as symlinks into
> this compat section, making it easy to remove and replace your 32-bit
> userland should it be necessary.
> I know on that Mac OS X, the solution is to make every dynamic binary have
> ppc,ppc64, and x86 sections in it (effectively 3 binaries archived in one
> file) using Mach-O binaries. Dunno if this type of thing is possible, or
> even desireable under ELF (or just for the FreeBSD community in general).
> It would be really cool to have the 32-bit userland (on amd64) be able to
> install ports easily on the system choosing either 32 or 64 with a make
> option.
> --
> coleman kane

That sounds nice, but I can't take care of it as I, ironically, have no
working amd64 box. It would be great if someone else could take care of that