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Re: Please Help Me!

On Wed, 4 May 2005, Orestis Verigakis wrote:

OV>Hello, my name is Orestis and I am a student in a
OV>University in Greece. I am working in a project about
OV>ATM. I have 2 ATM switches (Fore ASX 200BX) and 2
OV>cisco Catalyst 5000 switches. And I also have two
OV>hosts at the edge of its switches to make an Ethernet
OV>over an ATM backbone.I am a bit dummy yet and i have
OV>stacked with the basics and a little help from an
OV>expert is what i want. What i want to ask is :
OV>-What do i have to do to make the fore switch
OV>communicate with the calalyst, do i have to make a PVC
OV>between them and how? I also want to make a LANE
OV>between them.

No idea about the catalyst.

If you have only two hosts the easiest way to connect them is through a 
PVC. If they are running freebsd you want to look at the atmconfig man 

LANE configuration is quite good described in the Fore docu. But you won't 
be able to use FreeBSD with LANE (I have the code but it would be 
necessary to bring this up to -current).