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mail "ping" attempt

Hi Giorgos,

Thanks for your response.  We deal with a lot places and lots of email.
This is the first time this problem has come up.  Very curious, but I'm
hoping you get this and it's fixed.


On 2005-09-02 15:21, ben.thomas3@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
[I've been unable to send to submit problem reports, and I tried sending the
following email from the FreeBSD web page to bugbusters@xxxxxxxxxxxx That attempt failed as well. So, I'm trying one more time from my home account to see if this works.]

Your message

  To:      bugbusters@xxxxxxxxxxx
  Subject: FreeBSD-gnats-submit@xxxxxxxxxxx  status ?
  Sent:    Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:09:25 -0400

did not reach the following recipient(s):

bugbusters@xxxxxxxxxxx on Fri, 2 Sep 2005 10:13:05 -0400
    The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not
report a specific reason.  Check the address and try again.  If it still
fails, contact your system administrator.
    <exchange.katana.local #4.0.0 smtp;450 <exchange.katana.local>: Helo
command rejected: Host not found>

Your mail system is not set up properly.  It tries to send email messages to
the FreeBSD.org domain with an envelope address whose domain (shown above as
``exchange.katana.local'') does not resolve to an IP address.

If you need help with configuring your mail system to ``masquerade''
internal addresses to real-world addresses, that are acceptable as
envelope-from addresses by FreeBSD.org, don't hesitate to contact me
directly, in one of my non-FreeBSD addresses:



Ben Thomas                                         Virtual Iron Software
bthomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                            43 Nagog Park
978-849-1214                                       Acton, MA 01720