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FreeBSD bug tracking system database request


my name is Israel Herraiz, and I am starting my PhD on empirical studies
of libre (free/open source) software.

I am focusing my research on the FreeBSD system. For that purposes, I
have obtained a rsync of the CVS of FreeBSD, from one of the mirrors.
Moreover, I am going to download the mailing lists archives from the
mailman web interface, but I would need also the information stored in
the bug tracking system.

I could download directly each bug report in raw format from the web,
but I think this option could overload your servers (because I need to
query all the bug reports). So, I wonder if it would be possible to
obtain a copy of the database of your GNATS. In that case, I could work
on my machine, without overloading and querying your servers.

Please apologize if this is not the right email address to make this
request. In that case, please, could you tell where I can send this request?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Israel Herraiz              | Libre Software Engineering Lab (GSyC)
herraiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  | Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
                            | Edif. Departamental II - Despacho 118
http://libresoft.urjc.es    | c/Tulipán s/n 28933 Móstoles (Madrid)

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