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Re: Removing the freebsd-config list

Quoting Kris Kennaway <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Yes, because people are mistakenly asking support questions that are
> going unanswered.

I could be a pedant and point out that happens in questions@ as well. :-)
> > What is the gain in it's removal?
> They'll hopefully keep looking at the list of mailing lists and figure
> out that questions@ is where they should send it.

Perhaps we just need a better description of the list and make it clearer where
support queries go. We should not be deleting a list we know we probably need,
but instead be re-asserting its true purpose.

> That's what the list is ostensibly for, but the users are seeing
> "freebsd-config" and thinking something different.  If there's still
> interest in the subject, the mailing list should at least be renamed
> to something more obviously not about technical support :)

I can't think of a better name. I tell you what, I'll start answering support
queries with a boilerplate "go to -questions@" response, let's give it a couple
of months and see where it goes. If it's still not being used for the
discussion of configuration management, I see no harm in it being removed. I
think the problem here, is the list has morphed and as it's low-traffic, most
of us hadn't noticed.

How does that sound?

Paul Robinson