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Re: From Paxinos3d User

Gleb Bezgin wrote:
I'm Gleb Bezgin, I have a practice at Prof. Kötter's laboratory (University of Düsseldorf, Germany). In order to download the source code for Paxinos3d project I received access to NeuroGEMS repository and  followed the link http://cvs.inf.ed.ac.uk/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/?cvsroot=neuroGEMS#dirlist where had trouble with downloading the necessary modules (nbbuild, java3d_handler, morphml_handler and paxinos3d) - the following error occurs:

Error: Export failure (exit status 1), output:

cvs export: failed to create lock directory for `/disk/cvs/neuroGEMS/nbbuild/main' (/disk/cvs/neuroGEMS/nbbuild/main/#cvs.lock): Permission denied cvs export: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/disk/cvs/neuroGEMS/nbbuild/main'
cvs [export aborted]: read lock failed - giving up

FreeBSD-CVSweb <freebsd-cvsweb@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Could you please let me know what should I do?

While CVSweb (http://www.freebsd.org/projects/cvsweb#about) appears to be used by the neuroGEMS project, we are not affiliated with them. I would try to contact someone at neuroGEMS directly. It appears that they let their domain name expire but hopefully you have another way to contact them.