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Re: File descriptions

Manuel Lemos wrote:
Maybe I am missing something obvious, but I could not find an option to
make the descriptions of each file appear at least in the page to browse
the file.

I see the use_descriptions option in the cvsweb.conf but that seems for
module descriptions.

Is there a way to make cvsweb display the file descriptions? At least it
should appear in the file page, but I think it would be nice if it could
appear somehow in the respective file listing too.

Right now it appears that use_descriptions only works for directories. Adding a Description column to files would make them very wide, although there's nothing preventing us from doing it. Displaying the descriptions on the file page is a decent idea. The descriptions file would have to be loaded for each page, so making it large would have an adverse effect on interactivity.

If you are having problems getting use_descriptions to work with directories, be sure you add the descriptions file to CVSROOT/checkoutlist as documented in section 9 of the INSTALL file.