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need help on AMD architecture

Hi There,

         Presently i am using "Celeron-600 on
SiS-630". I know "FreeBSD" will work on my system and
ordered "FreeBSD 5.4 CDs" (2 montsh ago) from UK for
Intel "i386" architecture.Now in the november2005 i
want to purchase a new computer (as i have an old &
quite slow machine). 

I am thinking of buying AMD-sempron 2500+. The only
thing i want to know is whether same CDs, i ordered
for i386 architecture will work on AMD-Sempron or do i
need to purchase a different CD set.

What about "i386" CDs on AMD64 archictecture? Do they

i will be really thankfull to you for your help.


"the Great Intellectuals"

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